Flying Thundergod.

Shadhinism, is me and how I see reality. I am shadhin, I have no degrees, no big titles, no wisdom of age, nothing. I’m just some dude. That is all.

Is there a god?

maybe, maybe not. It’s irrelevant, to be honest. God is like Schrodinger’s cat. Until you die, you actually don’t know. That being said, if you believe in god, whichever god that might be- if you believe in it- then you can console another human being when they are at their lowest. Maybe that consolation will be true, will be false. But at least you can have a bit of hope. Shadhin- me, just some dude- would rather die with hope.

But what about evidence! What about detection. Well, two things. First, if we assume God actually is a figment of human imagination. A coping mechanism we concocted to make sense of the uncertainties of this earth. Then no matter how much we try, we’ll never be able to catch em can we? God will always reside within our unknown, like an entity dwelling in the dark. No matter how much we light up, there will always be darkness in the distance, and god will reside there. We never understood floods when we lived in between Tigris and Euphrates, so our Mesopotamian god brought us flood. We were scared of thunder and the sea, so our greek gods brought us Zeus and Poseidon. We today, understand flood, thunder, lightning, all of that. So our god resides in the far more powerful spectrum. Our modern-day god still lives in the unknown, the things we fear.

If we do entertain the theology of God. Then, again I don’t think we can ever meet her. Because we can’t comprehend it. I think God is just consciousness. The same consciousness we have. Our soul, the voice within our head. The thing that creates the mishmash of id, ego, superego. God is the master copy, existing outside this three-dimensional existence, just like our consciousness does. Think of it this way, the whole universe is run by algorithms. Matter, non-matter, living, non-living, photon particles, black holes. Everything follows a simple set of rules. Like an algorithm. Except for human consciousness, which thinks, calculates, like an artificial intelligence. And the programmer lives outside the system. That is all.

Now, why did God do it? create life and happiness and suffering and pain and body. Because he is flawed and bored, and curious. Maybe he wants to know how everything ends. Maybe he was lonely. Maybe he wanted to be loved, admired. If we are copies of god then God feels exactly the same things we do. Not the physical things, no. Not lust, hunger, sleep. Those are part of the basic algorithm. Fundamental rules every algorithm must obey to exist within this system. God feels the experience of consciousness. Exhaustion. Depression. Emptiness, Helplessness.

What is a human being?

Scared little things. That’s what we are. In a world full of uncertainties, there is only one thing that is certain. Death. Death will come, and we do not know when it will come, and when it comes, we can not stop it. This fear, it slowly drives us insane. We feel powerless. We feel powerless that we do not know when death will come, what happens after death and we feel powerless because we can not stop it. That’s why every religion on this planet tries to tell us a version of “what happens after death”. Thats why every critical thinking mind, starting from medieval alchemists to modern-day biologists keep trying to gain immortality.

Human consciousness reacts weirdly under such tremendous stress. First, it is driven mad by the certainty and uncertainty of death so we say “fuck it.” Its better to die than live like this. Or we go into our natural state, which is depression. We refuse to participate in reality. But there is also the opposing dilemma we face. We think, “this precious me, this consciousness, all that I am… Poof! gone, just like that? Unacceptable. My thoughts, my ideas, me… need to keep living. I can not be lost in the chasm of time.”

So we do desperate things. Pharaohs built pyramids, artists made music and paintings, and wrote books. Achilles went to troy to have a glorious death. Bangladeshi parents try to live vicariously through their children. So history remembers them as the parents that raised a wonderful human being. We live in a death-induced FOMO. Gotta experience everything, gotta travel everywhere, gotta find love, gotta find happiness, gotta do all of that, all of that before I die. Its like a mad dash of to-do lists because we are terrified.

But the worst reaction, the worst reaction is through power. In a world where we are truly hopelessly powerless; any time we get a semblance of power. We go mad with it.

The problems of human society?

When man suddenly realized due to his ability to inflict violence or collect wealth, man has power. Man went mad with power and created this modern society. First is patriarchy, Man realised he can- with violence- have power over woman, man created the first root evil. Patriarchy.

Second, man realised as he accumulated something, anything, could be land- money- weapons- group- food- as he accumulated these private property man can feel powerful over his fellow man and women. Man can feel they are a class above the rest. and thus man created the second root evil. Classism.

With patriarchy and classism, you can basically explain everything that went wrong on this planet.

Religion? Clerics using the word of god to create themselves as the superior class or caste. Godmen using the word of gods to allow them to do horrid things to women, and any other beings they considered inferior. Capitalism? Money was identified as the resource that will create a superior class, therefore man chased money through capitalism. Kings, armies and land have them superiority in class. Slavery- same, accumulation of a private property. See that’s why the white man did all of that incredibly cruel thing to the black man, because he saw black lives not as human beings but as private property. Like an iPhone, his to do with it whatever he wishes to.

Anything on this earth, goes wrong if you input patriarchy and classism in them.

Who are we?

We are, each one of us, are like an empty piece of paper with the first sentence, first line written on it. The rest of us are lines human society wrote on our piece of paper. For example, no child is born as a “gold digger”, a little girl- through years of patriarchal pain and obstruction- realizes that her only way out of her current state and into a “happy life” according to society is manipulating some poor man. She was born with one line, a 5’6″ brown girl with the genetics for long hair, and the rest of her was written by her family, her school, strangers on the street, people who made cinemas and music, holy books she read, and the friends she made. And this theory applies to all of us. Let’s look at a bisexual human being, their first line included the word, bisexual. If she was born in colonial-era india- the rest of society would completely erase that word from her page. Whereas the modern world does not. Therefore in a modern world, there is a possibility of her following her line.

what do we do to fix this god damn mess of the world

Three things,
one, figure out what you want to do. When faced with the unfairness of this world people do one of two things. Either they accept it and try to find their place. For example, a poor boy born in a messed up world where there is no justice and the thieves who steal the most live better will try to steal himself. Or you can rebel, a middle-class boy knowing that if he works hard he’ll never be a big fish so he goes big and tries to steal big!

that was a bad example. Do-over. Either you accept. A mother who has been taught that her husband is superior to her will try to teach the same values to her daughter. Or you rebel, a daughter who sees the evils of patriarchy and rebels against it.

two, what not to do.
cause harm. In order to fix this earth, we need to let go of ourselves and our desires, and our selfishness. See that’s the difference between left and right. Left means you try to gain something for every living and non-living being. Right means you only want something for yourself, your family, or at max your identity group. For example, Left means you end capitalism-induced planet-killing mass extinction event. For the better of every living being on this planet. Right means you, let’s say as a European white man, only want to make a profit for yourself or at best want to make sure your fellow white Christian countrymen are safe and the rest of the world can burn.

Imma put a diagram in here that might help. The graph’s axises are machiavellianism (i want it, idgaf what the cost is) opposing egalitarianism (everybody gets equal) as “how to achieve the goals”. And collectivism (its all about us) opposing individualism (its all about me) as “who do we achieve the goals for”. The worst is individualism and machiavellianism. the best is egalitarianism and collectivism.

Machiavellianism is about collecting property and power. Egalitarianism is trying to better the lives of every living being on this planet.

Ultimately, To put it simply-
You have the freedom to choose to do or be, until and unless you are causing harm. You can choose to travel to a forest, until and unless you harm the residents of the forest.

Actionable step?

Education. Teach teach teach teach. Make education publicly accessible to everybody. Remove the biased narratives of patriarchy, classism (and all the terrible things they have created) from our curriculums. Every day a new life is born with an empty page. Teach them the right things and they, through democracy will bring in good change.

Because remember, democracy is egalitarian until and unless the population is uneducated. Then democracy becomes just another tool for the trump’s in this world.

Further elaboration?
Right now I am exhausted. I’ll try to add to this as time passes by. If the changes stop, assume that I have went to personally check what happens after death. This blog post always was meant to be my last one ever, so, its befitting.

anyways, zendagi migzara.


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