Dearly beloved, part 12: Insignificant other

Dearly beloved” is a series of love letters sent and received over a period of one hundred years.


My last insignificant other

Mi amor, my precious
This letter is an embodiment of your vivid imagination. You know, there’s no chance of me writing to you. But I know, as you will go on conjuring up this piece, you will have my mind deciphered meticulously. I know, you have known me that much for sure.

The person that you fell for is an absolutely obnoxious creature on the face of mother earth. I am the one who needs to be reminded every now and then that I am not the center of the universe. And I have no shame in accepting, both my true self and how I am perceived. I take pleasure in it.
This cannot be denied that even being a Mach I unknowingly got enticed by the strength you hold as a woman. Seeing you calm now and restless the next moment, has been an enjoyable roller coaster ride. You kept adding feathers to my cap of achieving your entire submission. And like all other charmers, my job was to pull away in the end, wasn’t it? Should I feel guilty sweet love? Should I?
I wanted to be remembered by you. Despite this grandiose estimation of self, my very existence needed your acknowledgement. Loving you was not my cup of tea, praising your vivacious being was, until you get captivated by my reality. 

By the time, you will manage to finish this letter, be sure my memories of you have already sunk into oblivion. You are no longer that special someone that kept me bewitched. 

You are my insignificant other, another insignificant other, another significant insignificant other. 
I am glad that we are star crossed lovers. 

And I know, you are glad too, glad for the rest of your life with my memories alive.

Partially yours


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