The Underground Series: Editor’s Notes

In a world where the written word is getting overshadowed by images, actors, orators, agent provocateurs and their collective rhetorics- Notes from The Underground is my tribute to the written word. The written word that had stories and logic within it. The written word that wasn’t blurted out. The written word that concealed within its curves, stories of struggles and triumph. The written word that was the pinnacle of human evolution.

Notes from the Underground started on Tuesday April 7th, 2020. Location, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A city under siege by an apocalyptic plague and dystopia. Notes is a series of blogs that aims to document life under the monumental paradigm shift of the 21st century apocalypse. A documentation of humanity’s collective journey into the unknown, and something to look back to when we reach the other side. Notes takes inspirations from “World War Z” by Max Brooks. Similar to World War Z, Notes aspires to be a collection of confessions and rants, about the days when humanity was pushed towards near extinction.

I wanted to tell the story of my generation. A generation that is facing overwhelming odds and is yet pushing forward- dauntless, steadfast.

Can we save the world? Who knows? If we can’t, maybe someday some child from a future dystopia might find these written word and think- oh, they tried.

In a way this project has saved me. It managed to save my sanity and my life. I wanted to tell and collect stories, before I myself drift away into life and it’s adjacent oblivions.

To all the writers- My dear collective of the Underground- thank you. You are all champions of the unheard and the unsung. What an absolute pleasure it is to call all of you my friends. To all the readers. Thank you. We hope our stories give you strength. Strength, so that you- do not go gentle into that good night.

I must now bid farewell, Happy reading.

the Underground Collective, Dhaka.

The Underground, ep. 9: All of the stardust

Our guest writer today, Debjani Modak. Dhaka, Bangladesh. August 2020. I never made New Year’s resolutions before.A ‘New Year’ had never been something of that significance to me. I saw my Facebook homepage getting flooded with good wishes, photos of celebrations and long lists of promises my friends made to themselves for the upcoming year.…

The Underground, ep. 6: “গায়ের রং টা একটু ময়লা!”

Our guest writer today, Saraf Rahman. Dhaka, Bangladesh. October 2020. “মেয়েটার চেহারার কাট কি সুন্দর খালি রং টা একটু ময়লা/চাপা! এই শোনো, প্রত্যেকদিন কাঁচা হলুদ মাখবা আর দুধ খাবা, দেখবা রং পরিষ্কার হয়ে যাবে!” “তোমার বাবা কি খাওয়ায় না? এত শুকনা মেয়ে কি ভালো লাগে?”ছোটবেলা থেকে এই কথাগুলো আমার কিছু হোক বা না হোক, প্রতিদিন…

The Underground, ep. 5: the Invisible

Our guest writer today, Dr. Rodela Khan. Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2020. I Wake up to the ominous sound of my alarm & press snooze. I stare at the ceiling and count the days to Friday, only to realize next Friday is a workday too. My heart flutters, not the good kind, and I become aware…

The Underground, ep. 4: La vie en rose

Our guest writer today, Auroni Semonti Khan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2020. The night when you can hear footsteps. Or is it the water dripping from the age old ACs that seem to work better than the modern ones. Noisy, but bursts of air. The kind that Marilyn Monroe gave birth to and still manages to…

The Underground, ep. 3: নভোচারী

Our guest writer today, Dr. Samiul Huda, Rajbari, Bangladesh. April 2020. দৌলতদিয়া নিষিদ্ধপল্লী, গোয়ালন্দ। সকালে আধ বেলা Flu & Fever Clinic এ ডিউটি শেষ না করতেই ডাক পড়ল, করোনা সন্দেহজনক রোগী, স্যাম্পলিং করতে যাওয়া লাগবে। প্রথম দুই স্যাম্পল নিলাম দৌলতদিয়া ফেরী ঘাটের ২জন কর্মীর থেকে। পরের স্যাম্পল নিতে যেতে হবে দৌলতদিয়া যৌনপল্লীতে। রোগীর গতকাল থেকে…

The Underground, ep. 2: the frontlines

Our guest writer today, Dr. Pritom Das, Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2020. In the last few days, I’ve gotten many text messages from people I know, asking where to go to test themselves, what symptoms they are experiencing, how worried they are, where to manage plasma, where ICU seats are available. This has been a heartbreaking…

The Underground, ep. 1: Social Media Mental Health Activists

Our guest writer today, Aaqib Farhan Hossain, Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2020. I hate the mental health awareness communities in Bangladesh. They complain about mental health not being taken seriously while their own concept of mental health is limited to “anxiety” and “depression.” Mental health is so much more than just “depression”. And these “listeners” have…

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