Dearly beloved, part 7: Letters of not so Strangers

“Dearly beloved” is a series of love letters sent and received over a period of one hundred years.

June 15, 2020. Letters of not so strangers- not separated by the virus, by time and space, by default.

My Marji

Thank you for letting your veil down a bit, to show me in your words the kindness and courage I see in your eyes. We two are very scared people, maybe most scared about scaring each other. When I asked you if you think we both are falling too fast, maybe I wanted to ask if you need to hold my hand or I need to hold yours, so that we fall together. What I have already told you in silence, ought now be said in words: you are one of the most beautiful things if not the most beautiful thing that happened to me since my daughter’s birth. You did not and do not scare me a bit. I am just scared that I might end up hurting you or bringing harm to you or letting you down in any way. Ours, as it happens, is a relationship of the most impossible and dangerous order. And I want to protect you from burning in the fire we already are in. We are not stopping nor am I going to get bored nor leave. I promise thee. Now please smile that smile, and let me see.

yours truly

June 16, 2020

Respected madam

I am wondering about your current whereabouts and engagement. Godnatt min spansk kvinna, puss o kram. It must be customary to reply en mi lengua. Buenas noches mi amigo, abrazos. Voy a salvar los besitos para un tiempo cuando no habria nada de oscuridad.
Also, my whereabouts are basically in the depths of my surface level thoughts cramming their way in my brain like Dhaka traffic, possibly with heavy rain.
Ps. When I googled for those I only saw baby pictures btw older man.
Also, puss? You knew I was going to point at this. Even if without the genitalia reference I would also like to conclude Swedish people like/prefer slurpy kisses with lots of saliva

-আগুনমুখী সাদা গোলাপ

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