About- Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground started on Tuesday April 7th, 2020. Location, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A city under siege by an apocalyptic plague and dystopia.

Notes is a series of blogs that aims to document life under the monumental paradigm shift of the 21st century apocalypse.

A documentation of humanity’s collective journey into the unknown, and something to look back to when we reach the other side.

Notes takes inspirations from “World War Z” by Max Brooks. Similar to World War Z, Notes aspires to be a collection of confessions and rants, about the days when humanity was pushed towards near extinction.

Shadhin, on the other hand is typical working class soul. Is he the underground man? May be. May be not. All we know is that, just like any urban working class human being, Shadhin likes to believe that he’s the embodiment of his city. A gritty harsh city that still harbors unsung kindness somewhere. Hidden away, like sleepy kittens in a ditch by the highway.

“Do you ask why I tortured and tormented myself? The answer is that it was too boring to sit and do nothing, and so I indulged my fancy.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground


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